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Kernel for SQL Database is effective enough to deal with all kinds of corruptions of SQL Databases. It is an is an effective remedial solution for the corruption of SQL Database that happens due to virus attacks, operating system corruption, low disk space, storage media corruption, system shutdown issues and multiple database table editing. This SQL repair tool restores or rebuilds the corrupt database and retrieves inaccessible MDF files from severely corrupt databases. With its embedded Quick File System Component Identification (QFSCI) algorithm, it recovers tables, triggers, stored procedures, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, unique keys, user defined functions and user defined data types instantly and accurately.

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Recover Inaccessible or Corrupt MDF Files in Just Three Simple Steps

The key highlights of the Kernel for SQL Database is its inyteractive graphical user interface. In fact, to operate the tool, you don’t have to be an expert and get an extra training to understand the software. The steps to be followed for the database recovery are depicted on software interface itself so that the user is rightly directed in every step of SQL Server recovery. In brief, these are the steps:

  • Make the selection of the the corrupt MDF file initially, and then select the SQL version and click Recover.
  • Preview the recovered files when they are displayed, select the folders/items to be saved and click Save.
  • Select the required saving mode from the Saving Mode dialogue box mode, provide all the required details and after that click OK.

Kernel for SQL Database as Trial Version

The Kernel for SQL Database Recovery also has its free trial version, and a user can try th etrial version to get familiar with the functionalities and features. You can use this trial version to recover the corrupt MDF files and to preview them. However, to save those recovered files, you need to purchase the full version as only the full version has this functionality. Minimum requirements for downloading the software are:

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Software Features
  • Instantly rebuilds the damaged database and repairs even large MDF files
  • Retrieves tables, triggers, stored procedures, keys (primary unique and foreign), predefined defaults, default values etc
  • Backs ups the retrieved data in script form
  • Recovers multiple MDF files in a single go
  • Restores the data on the server even while the server is running
  • Retains the structure and properties of the recovered objects
  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Supports SQL Server versions 2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005
  • Available as trial version
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